Founded by Austin, Tx, based yogi entrepreneur, Lizzie Aguirre


Soulstice Retreats was inspired by connection. CEO Aguirre’s mission is to bring people of all shapes, sizes, demographics and cultures together to intimately and purposefully inspire and learn from one another. After attending and leading her first retreat in 2016, Aguirre found that intentional group travel is the most empowering and life changing experience she had ever experienced. Her passion for travel, yoga and adventure is now what fuels the magic and creation of each retreat.




Lizzie Aguirre

CEO & Yogi Entrepreneur


Lizzie is grateful to have been inspired by yoga since her teen years. Before finding her practice she was moving through a difficult transition around body image, anxiety and depression. As a former ballerina, pianist and vocalist, Lizzie found that yoga was an empowering and unique embodiment of the music and arts therapy she was searching for post-adolescence. At the young age of 17, she embarked on her journey to becoming a yoga teacher. She is now an international E-RYT 200HR and 500HR teacher, yoga festival director, retreat coordinator and yogi entrepreneur. As Austin Woman Magazine’s January 2019 cover woman, AWM   writes “At her festivals and retreats, community-building yoga instructor Lizzie Aguirre breaks down barriers through music, movement and manifestation.” Lizzie encourages students to journey through and out of personal barriers and blockages with connective breath, guided meditations, mindful movement and powerful intention. Lizzie creates an all-welcoming yet challenging, playful and purposeful practice while her carefully curated music and contagious soul guides you.

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Jen Lee

Yoga Teacher, Writer and Motivational Speaker


“My journey as a mindfulness coach, motivational speaker, retreat facilitator, and writer began in 2013 when I found the practice of yoga. Like most people at age twenty I had a complete lack of direction, with no awareness on how to deal with my stress and emotions. This showed up as using anything I could get my hands on to temporarily numb the pain. Excessive partying, relationships with men, impulsive purchases, binge eating, etc. Getting on my yoga mat allowed me to create the time and space to find presence. When I was practicing I was in the pose, and nowhere else. I felt the pain and tension I stored in my body pour out though each breath and every drip of sweat. I’d leave class feeling refreshed and high on nothing but life. I felt a stronger connection to my spirituality. Which naturally began to bring more purpose into my life. During this time period I was striving to be a world famous supermodel, but deep inside I craved a career where I felt meaning and the ability to serve the greater good of the world. Finding the practice of yoga truly saved me and I had no doubt that I needed to bring this practice to as many people as I possibly could. Fast forward to present day and I have a thriving business where I’m able to teach the powerful practices that serve in releasing stress and anxiety. You are made up of the same love that created this universe. Your smile inspires the world and you are undeniably deserving of your dreams. There is power in your intention and purpose in your presence. I hope to connect with you soon. With all of my love and all of my light. Namaste! “



Gustavo Padron

Yoga Teacher, Writer & Personal Trainer


Gustavo is a yoga instructor living in Austin, Texas with a desire to inspire and uplift people through high-spirited power classes. Gustavo's quest for healing his body and nourishing his spirit led him to the discovery of yoga. Gustavo is certified at the 500hr level and owes immense gratitude for all his teachers along this journey. These days he is deeply inspired by the detail in alignment from Noah Maze, the fierce healing approach from Ana Forrest, the clarity and detail from Leah Cullis, the nurturing essence from Kate Waitzkin, and the hip spiritually from Gabby Bernstein. When not teaching or practicing yoga, Gustavo likes to run the trail, lift heavy weights, read at coffee shops and explore different taco stands. No matter what he does or where he goes, he strives to show up mindfully, living his yoga on and off the mat.

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Andrea Taylor

Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist and Intuitive Healer


“Born and raised in Austin, TX, I found yoga early in high school, and it has been with me off and on for the last 12 years, as a practice I knew I could come to that would not only strengthen my physical body, but that also brought balance to my mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. That has always been the part of the practice that has brought me back to my mat year after year; that I not only noticed my body growing stronger, but that I also felt calm, relaxed, refreshed and renewed after practicing! I have practiced deep tissue massage for 6+ years and have a great passion for learning about the body. I believe that the breath, the body and the mind are all connected, and through our practice we gain a greater awareness of this rhythm within. I believe that this awareness and mindfulness cultivated during our practice not only connects us to these forces within us, but also to the world around us! I love playing with handstands and fun arm balances, twisting and hip opening!”

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Yoga Teachers

We are looking for teachers who love to travel, have a passion for yoga and want to share it with the world.



  • 500 HR Yoga Alliance Certified

  • Retreat Leading, Assisting or Attendee Experience

  • Community Building Skills / Experience

  • Passport ;)


We are looking for musicians who want to tag along for a comped all-inclusive stay to play for yoga classes and experiences around the world.



  • Musician for 5+ years

  • Consistent Yoga Practitioner

  • Enjoys Travel and Meeting New People

Content Creators

We are looking for content creators who want to travel the world and build up their resume. We will cover the cost of your all-inclusive stay in exchange for packaged video and photo content.


  • 2+ Years Experience

  • Portfolio Application

  • Yoga Practice

  • Enjoys Travel and Meeting New People


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